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AGPM - April 2015 - Churches Together [April 2014/15]

Churches Together Portslade for 2014


Churches Together year goes from April 2014 to April 2015

Year 2014

In May we had a collection at Tesco store in Portslade and raised £160. Thank you to all who collected.

In July we had the walk and Fish & Chip Supper at Bankers thanks to Audrie and Doug beard for organising the vouchers.

We had a fellowship talk by Fiona Castle.

We had a picnic on 17th August in the grounds of Emmaus and fairly good weather.

6th September forty people attended the supper held in St. Nicolas church Parish Centre.

On the 11th October Father Richard Rusforth held a Retreat Day at the Baptist Church which was well attended.


Year 2015

On January 20th the week of Christian Unity started with a quiet hour at City Church

which had a good reception considering  the dark evenings.

On the 23rd of January a Frugal Lunch was provide at the Mass Centre, giving us a good nutritional  soup and bread roll.

On 25th January there was a Songs of Praise held at the Baptist Church. All could be more represented but it was a dark chilly dull January day.

In the dark evening 10th February we had a marvellous evening at the Baptist Church with speakers from The Night Shelter run by the churches of Brighton & Hove. This was very well attended and very informative talk. This was one of the three Lent course to replace the Lent between all churches. The second one is to be held at The Good Shepherd on 12th May

The 6th March was Women’s Day of Prayer ( men were allowed ) at the URC , again well attended.

On the 7th March Mary Barry and Carol Batt manned the stall for Churches together at the Portslade Forum.

The Emmaus walk was held last Sunday (Low Sunday), Ten people walked and one dog (Simon), making it a great afternoon.


Coming up Christian aid week , collection outside Tesco Store Station Road Portslade on 15th May

Can any volunteers cover two hour shift 11.00 a.m. to 1.00p.m.. Please can you let Father Andrew know.

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